Frozen Land

Frozen Land

Set against the backdrop of an iced-over contemporary Helsinki and based on Leo Tolstoys False Note Frozen Land takes you on a journey through a strikingly bleak and occasionally blackly funny landscape where moneys the goal and drink abounds and where loneliness and desperation push people to the edge of their lives and sanity.Divided into chapters Unemployment Booze The Axe Family Snowpile and Police Frozen Land is a brilliantly devised web of interconnecting Finnish fates. Set in motion by the printing of a forged 500 Euro note the film bounces between the lives of a pair of young computer hackers a depressed policewoman a mullet-haired car thief and a vacuum salesman and recovering alcoholic who falls off the wagon with a vengeance.At the forefront of a new generation of Finnish filmmakers Aku Louhimes gripping visuals form the compelling backdrop for an exceptionally powerful ensemble of performances in a compelling and thrillingly inventive work that suggests a harsh but beautiful world determined by fate.

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